PVC flooring Dubai

PVC flooring is popularly known as vinyl flooring. ... Vinyl flooring is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and are made in layers. It is available as tiles, planks, or sheets form. PVC or vinyl flooring comes in many different patterns and styles such as wood, carpet, etc.

The Best PVC flooring Supplier Dubai, UAE

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Different Uses of PVC flooring

1. PVC Flooring for factories

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Heavy Duty Flexible PVC Vinyl Flooring: We offer high wear layer PVC Floorings that can take heavy movements of even forklifts and other manufacturing equipment. For industrial applications, we recommend Heavy Duty Vinyl Flooring.

Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stud PVC Flooring: The product is widely used in areas such as corridors, lifts, etc. Wherever there is a chance of slippage and anti-slip resistance is required.

Anti Static PVC Flooring: Used for static discharge, this Anti-Static Vinyl flooring is used widely in the electronic industry. Other industries also make use of this product in their testing quality labs and also other areas where sensitive electronic equipment is used.

Electrical Insulation Mats: Shock Safe electrical insulation mats are offered in different cut to fit size for panel rooms and generator rooms. This PVC insulation is a much better-suited insulation product for today’s environment compared to rubber. To see its advantages compared to rubber please visit the product page.

2. PVC Flooring for kitchen

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Most vinyl flooring is 100% moisture-resistant. This element alone makes it ideal for use in kitchens, as well as bathrooms and even basements. Compared to other flooring options, vinyl is much better at sealing against water damage than laminate and hardwood. Some vinyl options are waterproof.

3. PVC Flooring for office

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Vinyl Flooring has evolved considerably, becoming an authentic and highly durable option for high-traffic offices and commercial spaces for corporate, private practice, studio, and government. The vinyl flooring for office and workplace can bear the high-traffic, waterproof, fireproof, slip resistance, acoustics, environmentally friendly, simple, and easy to maintain. Its variety of designs is also worth mention: decoration with diverse and modern designs, which allows the office vinyl flooring to blend with different decoration designs to create a comfortable and motivating modern workplace.

4. PVC Flooring for hospital and laboratories

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The best Hygiene with Hospital Vinyl Flooring! Vinyl flooring is common to be found in hospital interiors all around the world. The reason for its increasing usage is quite simple, hospital vinyl flooring meets all the extremely specific needs of surface coverings in modern hospital interiors. Clinic vinyl flooring, for example, is easy to clean and maintain and also enables the integration of signage for easy navigation while being affordable and environmentally friendly.

5.PVC Flooring for schools and nurseries

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Vinyl flooring for schools doesn’t only ensure the safety and security of the children but is also aesthetically and visually appealing. These vinyl floorings for school are safe and durable. Kids moving and running all day long makes the flooring dirty but it’s not a big issue because these floorings are very easy to clean. The best part is that these floorings look amazing and are easy to maintain.

6. PVC Flooring for homes

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Home vinyl flooring in Dubai, UAE is a type of vinyl flooring designed to replicate the Home. Many homeowners choose it as a cost-efficient way of getting the same authentic feel and rustic charm that they have always carved for and that too at fraction of costs.

Home vinyl flooring Dubai is an impressive alternative due to its style and practicality. This range of Home vinyl is extremely durable, hard-wearing, resistant to water, stains, and unlike real wood, it does not splinter or damage easily.

Home Vinyl is water-resistant but non-absorbent, so any spillages should be cleaned immediately. This will lessen the risks of slips and is particularly important in homes with children or pets.

Some of the Advantage of home PVC mats that we provide

7. PVC Flooring for sports complex and stadiums

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PVC Sports floorings are used comprehensively in a variety of sports venues, such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball, tennis, basketball, handball, indoor football competitions and training venues, multi-purpose venues, all kinds of the gymnasium, dance rooms, schools, units unions Activity room, multi-purpose hall, amusement park, kindergarten, sporting goods store, office, hotel, hospital venues and so on. people can easily figure out the differences between sports flooring and others.

What should we consider for Sports & Fitness Flooring
There are many things to consider when choosing flooring products for multipurpose sports courts and fitness facilities. From performance and comfort to durability and safety, sports flooring products must support the unique requirements for the athletes, spectators and facilities personnel.

PVC Plastic Flooring Tiles for Indoor Sport Court Stadium
Quality and Performance

Health and Safety Durability and Lasting Value

8. Mosque Vinyl Flooring Dubai With Supreme Quality

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Vinyl floors consider being one of the most luxurious levels available among all other floored floors. In mosques and small prayer areas, it is also becoming popular quickly. As Muslims, we honour the holiness and sacredness of what we call’ Allah’s home’ and ensure that the interior for worshipers is most beautiful and convenient.

Thanks to its excellent quality and underfoot comfort, our collection of vinyl flooring mosques stand out throughout the market In Dubai our vinyl flooring mosque offers several additional benefits, as well as cost-effectiveness and longevity.

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